Area Amenities

Area Amenities


For eating at home, there are two local grocery stores, Plaza Verdes and Super Wendy. You can walk to either from the properties. The vegetable/fruit market is on the main road as you come into Surfside and your best bet for fresh produce.

Super Massai, a medium-size supermarket, is in Flamingo, about 5 km away.

There's a full-sized supermarket, Super Compro, and it is 15 km away in Huacas.

For your convenience, we have indicated these groceries and other amenities on our "Favourite Places" map. Unlike the Google map, this map is not interactive but you can review and print it out to help you get acquainted to our community.

View the amenities to Costa Esmerald and Surfside in a larger map. Zoom out to see other groceries and services in and around Surfside.


There will be a list here, including the location and phone number of the nearest hospital, the police, fire.

  • Dr. Marcos Rodriguez Vargas (8830-4995) available 24/7
  • Hospital de Liberia Facebook Page
  • Nicoyana Clinica y Farmacia 2685-5138
  • Police (Flamingo) 2654-5086
  • Police (Tamarindo) 2653-0283
  • Police (Brasilito) 2654-4425
  • Fire Department (Bomberos) 118